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WhatsApp again added its Status feature after huge feedbacks

As we all know last month Facebook owned WhatsApp chat application announced WhatsApp Stories as like as Snapchat clone. The update contains (user can post their stories framed by pictures,

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Gee, Social Networking Increase Considered Divorce Figures!

Currently is a day and age where almost everything can be done online. Especially with the increasing rates of use of social networking is now also increasingly diverse variations. Unfortunately,

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WhatsApp now offers voice calls

WhatsApp offers VoIP calls to its users and good news, India is among the countries that were eligible for this update. See This : With 700 million monthly users, WhatsApp is

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Finally Whatsapp Calling feature Rolls out…

This is the Good news for all Whatsapp users. After waiting so long Whatsapp release the calling feature from the application. See This : WhatsApp on a desktop computer is now

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WhatsApp on a desktop computer is now a reality

There are rumors, and there are rumors premeditated. The Web version of WhatApp was part of the second category. We heard about a Web client for the popular messaging application

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With 700 million monthly users, WhatsApp is on track to reach the billion

WhatsApp now has over 700 million users per month. Remember, in October 2013, the CEO of WhatsApp (not yet owned by Facebook) announced that its instant messaging application had surpassed

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The first images of Appeal functionality of WhatsApp

Last February, WhatsApp promised she would add a feature to make voice calls to its popular instant messaging application. Although so far we had not had any information about such


Apple: the new iMac disappoints

Wednesday unveiled the new iMac is talked about but not necessarily for the better! He appeared Wednesday from larger family all in one Apple and consolidate input range. The new

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Facebook: groups oppose the acquisition of WhatsApp

Defenders of privacy asking the U.S. regulator to stop the takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook. They require clarification. In the United States, advocacy groups for privacy asked the FTC (Federal

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WhatsApp Server Down Worldwide

As we know facebook ownwed WhatsApp so Facebook working on whatsapp server to ensure they can provide better services as per their needs. hoping that the server will be live

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