IPhone 8 may have USB Type-C port instead of Lightning port

The next generation of the iPhone should introduce a long series of improvements, especially because it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And speculation multiplies. But, the latest speculation

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OnePlus 5: a curved screen, and a 23 megapixel rear camera

OnePlus is definitely working on a successor to its OnePlus 3T smartphone, launched last year. Some details on the OnePlus 5 have surfaced on the web, revealing specifications and design

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MWC 17: BlackBerry announces its KEYone smartphone with a keyboard

The name BlackBerry is used to be synonymous with smartphones with built-in keyboards. Although the firm does not have the image it could have in the past, the company has

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Wow, This Video Show Concept Xiaomi Mobile phones with bendable screens

If earlier we had reported Xiaomi is working on a phone with a flexible screen , which is marked by the emergence of the leaked photos Xiaomi smartphone, but this

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Up2You: Samsung launches in renting high-end smartphones

Samsung Electronics launches into a new niche, that of long-term rental of a smartphone offerings. The name of this job: Up2You. Available in France, Up2You is an ideal solution for

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Xiaomi launches first drone, at an unbeatable price

When Xiaomi door model of its smartphones upscale killers on the market for drones. See This : Farewell Android Marshmallow Vibrant Android N While China has already DJI, best known drone

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iPhone 7 Will Equipped Internal Memory 256GB and Use Two Rear Camera Sensor

Getting closer to the release date of the annual cycle of the smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 7, more and more news about rumors of problems form, the smartphone features


Farewell Android Marshmallow Vibrant Android N

New to Google. Android Marshmallow , its latest mobile OS already seen over point the tip of his nose … her temporary name? Android N ! See This :  Windows


The iPhone 6S processor is slightly behind the Snapdragon 820

AnTuTu has just released its new Top 10 smartphone processors. And Apple fans you may not like. See This : Is Fingerprint sensors are [email protected] with a simple printer ?? The

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Memories of 256 GB on our Smartphones is Coming Soon….?

Samsung wants the upcoming high-end smartphones can have 256 GB of internal memory. See This : Lily drone will follow you to the trace While some smartphones are equipped with 128