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Nokia’s smartphones are back

Hey, Nokia, now that the fashion of the 90s is over, people are waiting for your return! If Nokia has decided to sell its mobile division at Microsoft last year,


Microsoft may have dropped the most interesting feature of Nokia

Everyone wants to sell you a smartwatch these days. Apple is selling his. Samsung has half a dozen in the market. Pebble, Asus, LG, Sony, Motorola, and a number of

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Uber would be willing to buy Nokia Here to $ 3 billion

The world number one passenger car with driver is very interested in Nokia’s Here mapping service. See This : Phablet affordable Nokia Lumia 1320 Uber has not finished uberiser the economy.

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Microsoft Close Ex-Nokia Store in Finland

Currently, Microsoft is trying to do a re-branding of around 16 thousand Nokia Store that exist in various parts of the world. But on the other hand, the American company

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After China, Nokia Officially Launches Android Tablet N1 in Taiwan

Nokia N1 Android tablets become one of Android devices are pretty much in demand by consumers. Unfortunately, at the time of launch, the tablet is only marketed by Nokia in

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Nokia will unveil a new smartphone, but not before 2016

Nokia has certainly left out the construction of new smartphones after buying Microsoft, but the thing could be about to change in the coming months. According to two sources speaking

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Lumia 435 and 532 Windows Phone to floor price at Microsoft

Enriched in memory compared to the Lumia 530, the new models are the least expensive of the range at the expense of the equipment, without much flavor. See This : Galaxy

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Photo Messaging: How to choose?

Among their many features, the picture is playing an increasingly important role in smartphones, with a quality that rivals today’s most compact digital cameras. Smartphones increasingly sophisticated. Long overdue in


Nokia N1 the firm is back with an Android tablet for $250

Nokia has just lifted the lid of his mysterious box teasée yesterday, revealing its first Android tablet . Indeed, during the Slush conference in Helsinki, Nokia’s hometown – the part


Goodbye, Nokia Lumia, hello Microsoft Lumia

Here is growing evidence that Microsoft is finally ready to reveal its new brand for Nokia’s mobile division , it acquired earlier this year. Until now, the name has remained

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