IPhone 8 may have USB Type-C port instead of Lightning port

The next generation of the iPhone should introduce a long series of improvements, especially because it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And speculation multiplies. But, the latest speculation

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Glue a second screen on your iPhone 6s with PopSLATE 2

Popslate just launched a new version of its shell. It will allow you to paste a second screen on the back of your iPhone. See This : Google Now: 10 useful


The iPhone 6S processor is slightly behind the Snapdragon 820

AnTuTu has just released its new Top 10 smartphone processors. And Apple fans you may not like. See This : Is Fingerprint sensors are [email protected] with a simple printer ?? The


Google Now: 10 useful commands to make your life easier

Available on Android and iPhone and iPad, Google Now is a personal assistant working on voice recognition, as well as SIRI (on iOS) or Cortana (on Windows). See This : Wikipedia

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Discover the DxO One, Photo Module for iPhone

DxO Labs, a specialist in image processing and analysis software, embarks on a new path with DxO One, a standalone module for picture smartphone. See This : Logi Circle allows

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Facebook could kill the battery life of your iPhone

Facebook confirmed that it is currently investigating complaints that its Facebook app on iOS is causing a huge drop in battery life users. See also: Microsoft promises a camera magic

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The iPhone 6S has a smaller battery…

A larger battery does not always mean that autonomy is best. In the Apple culture, the characteristics are less important than in the Android culture. Therefore, it is not surprising

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IPhone 6 equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell

A British company has managed to design a fuel cell of sufficient size in order to fit into an iPhone 6. See This : iPhone 6S: it is expected on 18

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iPhone started production of screen with Force Touch for new Handset…

A screen which takes into account the force applied by the finger. See This : iPhone 6S: available for purchase on September 23? I know it seems too early to discuss


Apple Watch 2: it could work without the need for an iPhone

New rumors have emerged on the watch connected second generation of the Cupertino, the Apple Watch 2 . Indeed, several sources refer to a number of new features, and most