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Gmail now accepts 50 MB attachments

Google announced that it will offer Gmail users the ability to receive emails with attachments of up to 50MB . Nevertheless, although it offers this possibility in reception, it will

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Google and Levis Connected Jacket Soon in 2017..

Levis and Google will market a connected jacket. And she might be interested in the non-geek. See This : Review Leagoo Alfa 1 : A cheap Phablet with Complete Features. Google

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Google Photos will soon become smarter

Anil Sabharwal, vice president of Google Photos, benefited from an interview conducted by BuzzFeed to discuss the next service functions. Photos Google has just celebrated its first birthday and his

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At Google, artificial intelligence feeds romance novels

See This : Facebook and Microsoft are investing in a transatlantic cable high-speed submarine The challenge: to teach robots how the human brain to enable them to communicate better with men.

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MSI has a good reason to make you wear this PC as a backpack

MSI launches back to PC-bag for virtual reality. See This : Apple prepares a competitor to Amazon and Google Home Echo For years, gamers have dreamed of the Oculus Rift. Today,

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Apple prepares a competitor to Amazon and Google Home Echo

After Google with its Home is Apple could present its automation assistant at WWDC. See This : Microsoft does not want too simple passwords A competitor for Google and Amazon Echo


Oracle loses its lawsuit against Google for using Java in Android

According to the jury, the use of Java on Google Android is “reasonable” and therefore it is not illegal. See This : iPhone 7 Will Equipped Internal Memory 256GB and Use

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Google Nik Collection is now free

Google is known for its valuable services, the majority of them are free. However, when the company acquired Nik Software, which specializes in photographic processing, in 2012, the price of

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Google wants to sell Boston Dynamics and Humanoid Robots

Google would he have lost faith in the field of robotics? It seems so, since the US giant has decided to separate its flagship Boston Dynamics. See This : [MWC 2016]

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Google Maps can predict your next destination

Google Maps is very clearly one of the most useful applications to move, and a new feature on Android will help predict where you’re going. See also: Apple working on