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Gmail now accepts 50 MB attachments

Google announced that it will offer Gmail users the ability to receive emails with attachments of up to 50MB . Nevertheless, although it offers this possibility in reception, it will

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Gmail: artificial intelligence to spam filters

With machines that seek to become as intelligent as human, although you would like them to be able to filter your spam. Google thinks they can. Indeed, this week, the

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After six years, Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Rolls Out

It necessarily has something happened to all of us: you have completed an e-mail, you click send and suddenly you realize you’ve made a typo, or you are doomed in

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Gmail now offers inbox for all your email accounts

With this new update, you will be even more difficult to separate from Gmail client for Android. See This : Gmail will perhaps soon allow us to pay our bills If

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Gmail will perhaps soon allow us to pay our bills

Google would he intends to embark on the trail of Paypal and all other solutions like that? See This : Xiaomi prepares to arrive in your basket Google currently has a

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The Gmail blocked in China

Censorship services have blocked access in China to email from Google, an additional step in the will of Beijing to establish its own “sovereignty” over the Internet. Censorship services have


Good news Gmail is finally optimized for your iPhone 6

And that should make people happy. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is available for a few weeks and many of you have to throw at you when they