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WhatsApp again added its Status feature after huge feedbacks

As we all know last month Facebook owned WhatsApp chat application announced WhatsApp Stories as like as Snapchat clone. The update contains (user can post their stories framed by pictures,


Bringing back lost Skype users with skype lite Planned By Microsoft

  Skype is one of the best apps for video and voice calls over the internet. Though it has got many competitors at present like Whatsapp and Hike, still, for

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What the developer Pokemon Go criticizes sites like PokéVision ?

These sites interfered with Pokemon Go servers.See This : Pokemon Go kill PokeVision !! The site that made 16 million visits in 6 days… This weekend, Niantic, the company that developed


Pokemon Go kill PokeVision !! The site that made 16 million visits in 6 days…

PokéVision and his colleagues have stopped working.See This : Twitter softens rule 140 characters and starts the auto-retweet If this morning you see a lot of players of Pokémon Go bitching


Opera launches VPN for iOS

The VPN Opera overcomes geographical obstacles, but it also blocks ads. Check This Out : According to Snowden, do not use the new Google chat application. Opera launches VPN for iOS

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Skype For Web : All Users Long Awaited For This Upgradation…!!

Microsoft has proposed an upgrade that was expected for a long time by Skype for Web users. See This : Android N to support split-screen apps, notification changes This version of


Google Now: 10 useful commands to make your life easier

Available on Android and iPhone and iPad, Google Now is a personal assistant working on voice recognition, as well as SIRI (on iOS) or Cortana (on Windows). See This : Wikipedia


3 applications that allow you to control the screen of your Android smartphone to your desktop

Why want access to his smartphone from his PC? To respond to SMS without having to remove his hands from the mouse and keyboard (yes, this saves precious seconds and

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Microsoft will support the Edge VP9 codec YouTube

Microsoft wants you on his streamiez Edge browser. If you have the impression that for some time, the videos you watch on YouTube load faster, perhaps thanks to this codec.

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Windows 10: Here the first application to block data collection

Shortly after the launch of Windows 10, many voices were raised to denounce the data collection performed by Microsoft. A first blocking application comes naturally made its appearance. See This