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MWC 17: BlackBerry announces its KEYone smartphone with a keyboard

The name BlackBerry is used to be synonymous with smartphones with built-in keyboards. Although the firm does not have the image it could have in the past, the company has


Tizen is now more popular than BlackBerry OS

Samsung’s mobile platform, Tizen, is starting to show real results, surpassing BlackBerry OS in the market for mobile operating systems, and becoming the fourth largest OS behind Windows Mobile, iOS


Details on the BlackBerry Priv reveal a powerful Android smartphone

There is not so long, BlackBerry has confirmed its sliding Android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv (formerly Venice), but few details were revealed. But that is of little importance, since we


BlackBerry Priv confirmed to be the company’s first Android smartphone

BlackBerry has confirmed that the next BlackBerry Priv will be an Android smartphone with a sliding keyboard. In presenting its quarterly earnings, BlackBerry describes the Priv as a flagship device


The BlackBerry smartphone Android is unveiled video

Here is what it looks like a BlackBerry smartphone running Android. We know for some time that working on a BlackBerry smartphone running the Android operating system. Rumors suggest a


The first BlackBerry smartphone with Android will arrive in November 2015

The first BlackBerry smartphone using Google’s mobile platform, Android, could emerge as early as November. You fear that the BlackBerry signature without BlackBerry OS is not present? Do not worry.


Is it the first Android smartphone from BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is reportedly preparing to launch its first smartphone powered by the Android operating system from Google . Although the company has not disclosed its plans to commercialize Android smartphones,


BlackBerry smartphone plans that could save your life

Due to insurmountable competition in the smartphone market, BlackBerry could turn its attention elsewhere, and explore new ideas. Such an idea would be to design a BlackBerry smartphone bacteria-free ,


Recent fuel Offering Features Private Chat For those of you who want to Maintain Privacy

Wow, look for new sources of revenue for the Blackberry is important given the handset sales have gone down drastically so that they start focusing on enterprise services as well


Venice: it would be the BlackBerry Android with keyboard

Android fans who still want a physical keyboard might have something to celebrate later in the year. If last week, it was reported that BlackBerry is working on an Android