Postslush founded by Aamir Shaikh & Anas Ansari after finishing bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

We started Postslush as a Blogger account since Blogger is good Kick-start for blogging beginners, So created Blogger account in late 2013 and started our Blogging journey by posting various Technology related post like Android, Iphone, Windows, Apps & Gadgets, Etc.

We have separate category for programming on, Php, Java, Programs Source codes including final year projects which can help user to learn and explore their programming fields.

Currently we have migrated our Blog from Blogger account to WordPress so that we can explore more in blogging and it is easy to manage and customize WordPress Blog.

Apart from Blogging we both are professional PHP & front end developer with respect to programming we have created many live websites for our clients.

If you want to suggest us to improve our post writing or any kinda query you can contact us using our contact us page.