The Windows XP wallpaper designer makes three new images for smartphones

After making the photo of the famous Windows XP wallpaper, photographer Chuck O’Rear returns with a new series of shots.

One of the most viewed photos around the world

For those who knew computers in the late 90s, the wallpaper of Windows XP has necessarily remained somewhere in your memories (as well as MSN Messenger, Lycos and CDs with 30 hours of internet browsing available). Entitled Green Collin , it was a photo of a grass-covered hill landscape under a blue sky with some white clouds. Windows XP had a phenomenal success (400 million copies in 2006) and this image is the default wallpaper at the time of the first use, it is considered today that it is the biggest success from an image bank.


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3 beautiful wallpapers on smartphone

Chuck O’Rear, the man at the origin of the famous picture of Windows XP, is back with other shots not for PC but for smartphones. In a project called “New Angles of America”, he works proposes a series of three landscape photos : the Maroon Bells (Colorado), the Pee-A-Boo Slot (Utah) and the White Pocket (Arizona). In relation to this work, he says: “You look at the wallpaper of your smartphone hundreds of times a day, so this photo should really feel something. I want people who look at my photographs to see them as a mental escape for them . “


A competition organized in partnership with Lufthansa

Chuck O’Rear also worked with the German airline Lufthansa in a competition. Participants must first download one of the three images taken by the former National Geographic photographer for free and upload one to Instagram with the #NewAnglesofAmerica hashtag and the @Lufthansa nomination. In caption of the photo, he must explain what he will do once on one of these places. Finally, we must mention the person with whom we want to share this adventure.

The contest is open until December 18th and the draw will take place on January 31st at the latest. The nominee will win two plane tickets and accommodation in California. A rental car will be available for his various trips and, icing on the cake, he will be able to follow a 3-hour training in photography with the famous Chuck O’Rear.

To enter the contest or download the photos, it’s here .

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