Gmail now accepts 50 MB attachments

Google announced that it will offer Gmail users the ability to receive emails with attachments of up to 50MB . Nevertheless, although it offers this possibility in reception, it will not be the case in transmission. Real interest or not?

In a new update deployed for Gmail, Google acknowledges that sending a received attachment is an important part of email exchanges. Given how the update works, we guess that “receiving” is a bit more important than “sending” for some reason.

“Although Google Drive offers a convenient way to share files of any size, sometimes you need to receive large files as attachments. As of today, you will be able to receive emails with a 50MB attached file , ” says the company. She then adds that the sending size limits will remain the same, that is to say 25 MB . However, users can continue using Google Drive to send larger files if they want to.

You will have understood, this makes this update rather wobbly, even useless . Indeed, other clients do not really offer the possibility of sending files so large. In fact, Yahoo has a limit of 25 MB, and Outlook prohibits attachments of more than 20 MB.

Of course, there are alternative solutions that offer such a feature, but none of the big players in the market. In fact, most services advise people to download parts on cloud-based sharing services, and share the link with whomever they want.

Maybe Google will one day lift this 25 MB limit on emails sent to others. This would be a logical decision after today’s announcement. How do you handle large attachments?

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