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Looking back at 2016, we saw the slow (but not very impactful) rise of VR headsets being bundled along with smartphones, and camera Quality went up even on lower-end devices. We also saw several specifications-related improvements – inbuilt storage is now at usable levels, even for many entry-level devices, and the amount of RAM has also increased. As a result, entry-level devices are looking better than ever before, although there are still compromises, even with the best one.With the New Year underway, we wanted to know what to expect, and talked to several smartphone makers to find out what they have in mind.

Asus is not the only company that’s betting on AR and VR though. HTC – which also makes the Vive VR headset with Valve, although that’s a separate business – also expects the technology will find its footing in 2017.

Another area which brands believe will be important in 2017 is the phone camera. A number of brands predict thatiPhone 7 -plus-like Dual-rear Camera are going to become the norm. It’s something that HTC, Huawei and LG have already done in the past, but Apple still has the clout to help popularise features, and make them the norm, and quite a few manufacturers told Gadgets 360 that they’re looking at dual-rear cameras.

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