Samsung wants to create applications for Smart TV under Tizen

Samsung unveiled a major update to its SDK for Tizen last week , which has far-reaching implications for the still-nascent operating system. The announcement regarding a new version preview of .NET Core for developers. This is an important update from the previous version, and makes it easier for developers to get started on the platform.

The exact details are not important to most users, but the implications of the update suggest the direction that Samsung will take with Tizen. Since it is a stand-alone operating system, not an OS based on Android or Chrome OS, there is some concern about the number of developers who would take the time to develop for it – even with significant support from Samsung.

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It’s been on the market for years, but has a tiny market share compared to Android and iOS. Samsung hopes to change all this by pushing Tizen into some of its flagship products, ranging from televisions to smartphones. According to MS Power User, Samsung unveiled a new version of .NET Core Tizen as part of this strategy.

It will take more to make Tizen grow

This second version of the .NET Core allows developers to use familiar .NET APIs for application development for Samsung Tizen TVs – a big step forward compared to the previous version that only came with support Mobile applications.

Samsung has big projects for Tizen, but in the end, its devices will be defined by their applications , and applications only exist with a strong community of developers. The announcement is therefore to stimulate the developers to bet on the Samsung platform.

Hopefully for Samsung that its platform does not experience the same setbacks as Microsoft’s Windows Phone, undermined by the small amount of applications.

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