Pokemon Go kill PokeVision !! The site that made 16 million visits in 6 days…

PokéVision and his colleagues have stopped working.See This : Twitter softens rule 140 characters and starts the auto-retweet

If this morning you see a lot of players of Pokémon Go bitching about your News Feed, it’s probably because of an unpopular updating of mobile gaming.


As you may already know, the goal of the game and mainly seek wild Pokémon in the real world with a smartphone equipped with GPS, to capture them. On Android and iOS, Pokemon Go has a radar that allows players to identify these creatures. But since the last update (version 1.1), Niantic, the developer removed the feature (step counter) that allowed players to know how far is a wild Pokémon. In essence, capturing Pokémon becomes more difficult.

And that’s not all because in the process, the developer has also decided to kill the sites that used information collected from its servers to offer players maps showing where they can capture Pokémon.

One of these sites and PokéVision. There are some days, we talked about since it has generated a traffic of 16 million visitors during the 6 days following its launch . And today PokéVision died (or at least he no longer used much).

PokéVision death

On Twitter, he tells the players he has only respect the will of Niantic and Nintendo.


According to some tech media sites like PokéVision stopped working because of the latest update of Pokémon GB. Indeed, they would have used data from the no meter that was removed to identify places where one can find Pokémon on a map.

However, according to Forbes , the developer of Pokémon Go have also sent orders to cease and desist.

Remember, Pokémon Go uses the freemium model. This means the game is free, but players can buy virtual goods to progress more quickly.

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