Oracle loses its lawsuit against Google for using Java in Android

According to the jury, the use of Java on Google Android is “reasonable” and therefore it is not illegal.

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When Google launched the Android operating system in 2007 , he used the Java programming language , which was already familiar to programmers. However, this language, it’s not Google who designed but Sun Microsystems.

In 2010, the company was bought by Oracle, which, upon completion of redemption, tried to negotiate with Google for the latter to pay him royalties for the use of its programming interfaces or APIs (total 37). However, Google has not agreed to pay and therefore a first trial pitted the two companies. Oracle loses this trial in 2012.

However, the judgment was overturned on appeal in 2013, because ultimately, the APIs used by Google would be protected by copyright. And this May, a new trial was held. This time, there was no question whether the APIs of Java are protected by copyright, but whether the use that Google has on its Android operating system was “reasonable ” .

And 10 members of the jury by a California court came to decide, after a few days of reflection. According to their decision, the use of 37 Java APIs (and therefore Oracle) is “reasonable” and therefore it does not violate copyright.

A victory for the Android ecosystem

For Google, it is a “victory for the Android ecosystem, for Java programmers community, and for software developers who rely on languages ​​of open and free programming to create innovative products for consumers “.

However, Oracle has not stop there. It accuses Google of illegally using its API in order to “rush” in the mobile market in 2007. It demanded $ 9 billion in damages. And moreover, the company has already announced it will appeal the new ruling.

The trial was closely watched by the developer communities. Indeed, besides the fact that Android is the mobile operating system most used in the world, a favorable judgment would Oracle impacted the way programmers design their software (by reusing code and using API ), opening the way for other such trial.

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