The Galaxy S7 survive after spending 45 minutes in a washing machine

Samsung has received much praise for the return of the water resistance with its Galaxy S7 , and its variant  S7 Edge . This translates into an IP68 protection rating, which means a dustproof and immersion of more than one meter deep for 30 minutes. But what about if you put the Galaxy S7 in a washing machine  ?

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A YouTube user has decided to know what would happen in such a situation. He used a washing machine from LG with some clothes, so the device does not suffer too many shots against the drum of the machine. This is the likely scenario if you happen to forget your S7 in the pocket of your favorite jeans, before throwing it into the machine. Yes, nobody would have the idea of just taking a smartphone into the machine.

After 45 minutes, not only the smartphone was always lit and functional , and there was virtually no damage. However, it should be noted that the S7 had a protective case. He immediately tested the Wi-Fi connectivity and the camera, and had no problems. The only catch is that the fingerprint sensor does not work at first, but it was because he was still a little wet.

Do not try the same!
The Galaxy S7 is not the first water resistant smartphone we’ve seen, but what is impressive is that it looks like any other traditional smartphone. Most water resistant smartphones have rubber caps on the ports, and use of robust materials. The Galaxy S7 USB port is fully exposed, but Samsung was able to include a seal on the inside for protection.

Obviously, although the smartphone in question has been nothing, I do not recommend you try at home since each machine is different . Depending on the amount of water, and cycles, the result may not be the same. However, it is good to know that your Galaxy S7 is likely to survive if you accidentally leave your new Galaxy S7 in your pocket before putting it in the washing machine.

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