The 9.7-inch iPad Pro Mini starting from $599

Unless you come from another planet, you know that Apple will hold a big media event next Monday. And in this one, you can expect to see both a new iPhone and new iPad, among other innovations the Cupertino company could have in his cartoons.

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If a lot of rumors have said that we would see a Pro iPad smaller , according to 9to5Mac , it will be sold at a premium price: 599 dollars for the first model (Wi-fi). In other words, this means that the new iPad will be $ 100 more expensive than the cheapest iPad Air 2 currently sold.

However, you get 32GB of storage rather than 16GB , indicate sources of 9to5Mac, so that it can pass a little pill. The site is rather a trusted source for rumors, and that’s probably what we’ll see on Monday during the keynote. If a smaller iPad Pro 32GB Wi-fi is not enough, it seems that you’ll be able to get their hands on an LTE model with 128 GB of storage.

IPad Mini Pro
Of all the leaks we have heard so far, it looks much like a Pro iPad mini iPad Air instead of a 3 , although the size of the 9.7-inch screen fits this latest range. Like the iPad Pro, it should offer four speakers, a brighter screen, and support for a keyboard, the Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil.

Maybe the premium is the only way Apple can take to a range of tablets stagnant. Although the iPad is the most popular tablet market, sales of the iPad have suffered sales of smartphones larger sizes, and the fact that we do not update as often as tablets smartphones.

There little doubt that Apple will launch a smaller iPad Pro. Anyway, we will learn more this Monday, March 21, during a keynote to be held at 19 am, French time.

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