iOS 9.3 is available, what are the new features?

Apple has announced that iOS 9.3 is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And of course, like all previous versions, this new version will be completely free.

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iOS 9.3 is the largest incremental update for iPhone and iPad for several years since Apple introduced new software features that go to change your sleep habits.

The new iPhone OS and the iPad 9.7 inch Pro will ship with iOS 9.3 preinstalled. The owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S More must manually install the update system today.

Night Shift
iOS 9.3 brings a bunch of new features, including the Night Shift mode, which removes the blue light of the screen when reading in dark environments. The advantage? Sleep better, says Apple, because it will not affect your circadian rhythms, responsible for the quality of sleep. In fact, I read dozens of news telling me that I should not go to bed looking at the screen of my iPhone 6S, my iPad Air 2. But do I follow these wise instructions? Probably.

Night Shift is the solution iOS 9.3 I expected, because it will not make me change my habits of reading and working. As mentioned previously, it will automatically adjust the warm colors of my screen. The good news is that iOS 9.3 uses the time and geolocation to determine the sunset, and the screen color orange, just like the fact f.lux Mac.

The Night Shift mode is completely optional, and is in “Settings> Brightness & display> Night Shift” with a slider bar to control the color temperature (less or hotter). In the morning, the display naturally returns to its default settings. Everything is designed to allow your eyes to relax to fall asleep more easily, and when it’s time to wake up, the screen color returns to normal.

Apple also changed its center controls to add the Night Shift icon in the bottom row of quick settings. He finds himself alongside the timer and calculator.

Multi-user user support … for students
Having appeared in the beta, here’s the first sign of multi-user support in iOS . Unfortunately, it is strictly for the iPad in the classroom.

Apple calls this new app “iOS in Education” , and its strength is that it allows students to connect to any iPad throughout the classroom and pick up where they left off.

That a lot of sense for an experience of a shared iPad in a school, and the application comes with “Photo IDs,” a feature that allows you to assign shared iPad. Thus, each student has his photo that appears on the iPad it uses and it is sufficient to identify the device to find her. Moreover, it is possible to enter a simple four-digit code directly on the lock screen for easy use by the children.

iOS in Education also includes three other applications for teachers and school officials: a new application “Classroom” will launch apps for everyone at the same time and guide students by explaining that they have on the screen, and administrators now have a single portal where create Apple ID, prepare lessons and access to everything needed to deploy iPad in their establishment.

Even if you do not go to school, the fact that Apple has built a multi-user login experience should provide some hope for a similar experience in the next iteration of iOS expected in a few months – iOS 10.

Apple Notes password-protected
The Notes application was also secure , as users can now lock notes using Touch ID. The application now allows you to sort all content by creation date, modification date and alphabetically.

Thus, all your bank details, your medical information, or your Internet identifiers are protected by a password or fingerprint.

New Dashboard Apple Health
Apple Health becomes a little more useful with the update of iOS 9.3. Indeed, this latest iteration now shows suggestions of third party applications, and integrates data from the Apple Watch. It was time.

Stalking party applications providing the settings that you want will be easier because the Health application now makes suggestions in existing categories, such as Weight, Exercise and Sleep.

The next time you go to the Health app to track your weight, you’ll see “Weight tracking apps” down with at least five alternative applications that you can try instead. Unfortunately there is still no integration Fitbit on the horizon.

The Dashboard Health is about to change if you have an Apple Watch . Apple has wisely added the data from its shows connected at the opening of the Health application. Thus, it now displays the data Move, lead me and lift me your Apple Watch (and your goals).

With iOS 9.3, carplay offers new convenient features, starting with Apple Music. You find directly on your screen the headings “News” and “For You”, which offer songs, artists and albums selected by experts, as well as other selections based on your preferences.

The functionality found in nearby Apple Maps on the iPhone and Apple Watch also happens in cars equipped with carplay, helping you to find points of interest when you need it the most.

You’ll understand the new version of iOS brings a host of new features to the mobile operating system from Apple. It could even be that iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better … Have you made ​​the update? Have you encountered any problems?

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