Here is what Android N might look on a desktop computer

Google’s ambitions to transform its mobile operating system, Android, in a friendly OS on a tablet (or desktop PC) have never been more obvious than they are in the developer preview version of Android N the new experimental version of Android that the company released last week.

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Although nestled in an unfinished code in the bowels of the OS, some clever developers have discovered the Freeform mode, an alternative multitasking interface that transforms running applications in resizable windows.

If you used a Windows or Mac computer, the Freeform Mode will seem pretty familiar. With this interface launched from a new button “Overview” ( “Overview”) next to the “X” on the application cards in the multitasking view, Android applications are found positioned side by side. They are scalable with a single gesture, moved to your liking, horizontally or vertically, and automatically adapt when there is more space. Applications can be rearranged on the screen with a simple gesture on the window title bars, or maximized and closed with the corresponding buttons adjacent to them.

Interestingly, the Freeform mode even sports a rudimentary mouse support . You can resize windows with a mouse connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. This is not proof that Android is suitable for a full range of PC peripherals since this support is very limited, but it may be an indication of the beginnings of a more complete support in the future.

The distant future?
Developers indicate that the management of the non-memory optimized for Android N causes frequent reloads windowed applications, and resizing graphics apps pose problems. And as Ars Technica notes, the Freeform mode does not have a number of tools that you can expect from a modern environment . For example, there is no way to put an application window to the foreground or send it in the background, and there is no way to use an application window while using a maximized application.

However, it is far from over if one believes the official documentation of Android N. “Manufacturers may choose to enable freeform mode, where the user can freely resize each activity” , reads . “given that Android N is in continuous development, the freeform mode will not be shipped to manufacturers for some months. It will take some time before he makes his first appearance ” . Given the instability in this moment is a very good thing.

Must we wait for the release of Android O to benefit? It’s possible. Meanwhile, you can look towards Remix OS which is a derivative Android OS that already offer such support, with a clearly successful solution.

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