Google Now: 10 useful commands to make your life easier

Available on Android and iPhone and iPad, Google Now is a personal assistant working on voice recognition, as well as SIRI (on iOS) or Cortana (on Windows).

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Always faithful to the post, he is ready to answer all your questions, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Here are 10 questions or useful commands sent to Google Now to assist you in your daily life.

To get started with Google Now


Google Now is included on all Android devices from version 4.1. To activate, press and hold the “button Home ” or run the Google application . You can also call saying aloud “Ok Google.”

iPhone and iPad:

Download the Google app on the App Store , then sign in to your Google Account.

Google Now: 10 commands you use to make your life easier

# 1 Call [name of contact] – Google Now Announces Call immediately.

# 2 ” Sends a message to [recipient’s name].” Then dictate your message, specifying the punctuation mark without stopping too long in your dictation.

# 3 ” Send an email to [recipient]. Say the content of your message.

# 4 ” I woke Program [specify the time and recurrence]. Eg “Every day of the week at 7am.”

# 5 ” Adds an appointment in my diary [insert date, time and name to give your appointment].”

# 6 ” Find me the way to go to [enter the city, the street name and the name of the place where you want to go].”

# 7 ” Lance music [insert name of the singer or album].”

# 8 ” What time will he be [time of day or the precise date]? “.

# 9 ” What is the result of the match [insert the name of the sports event: football, tennis, etc.]? “

# 10 ” Find me the restaurant (specify Italian, Japanese, …) the closest. You can also ask for the shopping center, the laundry or the nearest hospital]? “.

With these commands you can add any questions of general culture that goes through your head: “Who directed the film The Untouchables”, “? What is the size of the Eiffel Tower”, “How many t- he people in Russia? “, etc.

PDAs are increasingly intelligent. Advances in speech recognition allow them to respond better to the questions. Feel free to use it every day to make your life easier and save time!

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