F.lux finally arrives on Android for the happiness of your eyes

F.lux was a basic element on desktops for some time already – with versions available on Mac, Windows and Linux. And there was even a version for iPhone and iPad jailbroken since 2011. Now, the Android users finally getting a version of the application F.lux . Sort of.

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The application, like its counterparts on desktops, has a simple function: adjust the brightness and hue of the screen depending on the time of day to reduce the slightly bluish light screens which impacts adverse on sleep over the day progresses. Indeed, and if you ignore it, exposure to this type of light can affect your circadian rhythms, and inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, the hormone produced by the pineal gland that “tells” the brain that it’s dark and it’s the right time to sleep. So it can prevent you from sleeping.

To do this, and as you can imagine, the application essentially removes the aggressive blue light of the screen depending on the sunset. The next morning, your screen will return to normal for conventional viewing. F.lux “heats” therefore progressively the backlight temperature As of the day.

For the happiness of your sleep
As with other versions of its application, F.lux will allow you to control the time of day when you want to switch to another mode, and what is the temperature you want to use.

However, for now we need a smartphone running Android ROOTE Marshmallow Lollipop or to properly operate the application . However, the company says many Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 5.0 or later will not work, whether or not Rootes.

But liberation is remarkable because it comes at a time when the major manufacturers of platforms are currently designing the “night” patterns in their operating systems, such as “Night Shift” in iOS 9.3, the “Blue Shade” for tablets and Android Amazon Fire N will receive the “Night mode”.

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