Farewell Android Marshmallow Vibrant Android N

New to Google. Android Marshmallow , its latest mobile OS already seen over point the tip of his nose … her temporary name? Android N !

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The “developer” version was put online gives a taste of its new features, which will surely be announced at the conference Google I / O of May.

Focus on the main innovations.

The multi-window, a plus for big screens

The ” multi-window ” which allows to work in two applications simultaneously on your screen, is ideal for large screen smartphone and the tablet.

Already on the TouchWiz overlay Samsung 9 iOS on iPad as well as Windows 10 on Surface, the multi-window will make his big appearance on Google. This feature will work in both portrait and landscape mode.

A performance side

The main goal of Google is to address its new OS to as many smartphones and tablets, regardless of their level of performance. Android N should thus consume fewer resources that Android Marshmallow while improving its flagship features as the power saving mode Doze or management notifications.

It should also be possible to limit the consumption of certain data too intensive applications.

The official name of Android N has not yet been announced and the time is now speculation … After Lollipop and Marshmallow, place Nutella Android? New York cheesecake?

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