Facebook released a WordPress plug-in for Instant Articles..

If you want to produce Instant items, Facebook will offer a plug-in that takes care of everything.

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Since last year Facebook has called a media format that enables Instant Items have items that load faster when the social network users click on the links thereof. The Instant items are not hosted on publisher sites, but in Facebook.

This allows the social network to optimize the experience of its users on mobile news feed, but also to keep the audience on its application instead of the redirect to the web.

The editors, in turn, can expect a wider audience through this optimization and thus more revenue, since it is possible to monetize Instant items.

For now, only a few Facebook partners media can publish Instant items and these are available on Android and iOS apps social network. However, there a few days ago, he said that in April, during its F8 conference, he will announce the opening of this format to all publishers.

Therefore, if all media can not yet use the format, many are already studying how to implement it. And the good news is that a new blog post, Facebook also announced it will offer a plug-in for WordPress that will automatically generate the Instant versions Items for site publications.

In essence, the plug-in for WordPress will analyze the content of an article and use it to create the equivalent as the owner of Facebook format. This should boost the adoption of Instant items by “small sites”. Afterwards, if a publisher wants some customisations, he can modify the code plug-in, which is open-source.

Remember, Google also offers a WordPress plugin that generates AMP pages , the format of accelerated web pages it started using it a few weeks ago.

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