Apple working on wireless headphones for the iPhone 7

Recently, many rumors have circulated on the fact that the next iPhone 7 will not include the traditional 3.5mm jack, opting instead for a single Lightning connector. While this has a number of hypothetical benefits such as thinner smartphone yet, and waterproof, everyone does not rejoice at the idea.

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It seems that, to keep its customers happy, Apple is working on improving its traditional EarPods. Last week, Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac reported that Apple is at the prototype stage of a new pair of wireless headphones for the iPhone 7, which may be known as AirPods.

Last year, a trademark was filed for the name AirPods by a firm named In Flight Entertainment LLC. This may just be an Apple antenna, according to MacRumors. Whether or not this is the case, the name would be appropriate for the product described by Gurman.

It will surely buy them separately
Unlike most Bluetooth headsets, the product Apple is working on which would be completely wireless, like the Motorola Moto Hint. The headphones may have few buttons to take calls and activate Siri, and would probably have different tips to adapt the best to all customers. The headphones port would not be charged, but would rather have a carrying case for charging.

Gurman suggests that Apple uses the resources acquired in 2014 after absorbing the company Beats, since it already had similar things in its product portfolio.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that even if these headphones are designed to go into production, they are included with your new iPhone will likely AirPods 7. sold separately, as an alternative to EarPods, which should be upgraded to use the Lightning connector, assuming the newest iPhone drops the jack of 3.5 mm.

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