The mysterious creator of Bitcoin has been identified!

Until today, the identity of the creator bitcoin remained unknown, but many sites have revealed the name of this mysterious stranger may have been unmasked!

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So far, officially the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto calls himself, this is a pseudonym that allowed the developer to remain in the shadows. Some journalists may have managed to get hold of the man hidden behind the electronic money, after very long investigation, since the creation of the bitcoin dates back to 2009.

And if the creator of Satoshi Nakamoto was actually bitcoin Craig Steven Wright …

According to Gizmodo and Wired sites, the mysterious stranger behind the creation of bitcoin Craig Steven Wright is an Australian businessman. The information is to be conditional, because it is not the first time a site believed to have unmasked the creator of bitcoin as a magazine in 2014 which had reported a flushed Satoshi Nakamoto Dorian who was … not the father of virtual currency.

The Wired and Gizmodo sites are concluded Craig Steven Wright is the father of bitcoin in collaboration with Dave Kleiman an American developer who died in 2013, through a series of emails containing about more or less explicit on the bitcoin and on Using this pseudonym. The two websites also got hold of the information present in the cache of the blog businessman, who are now deleted from the site in question, but also alluded to the launch of a Beta bitcoin .

In one of those mails that may especially read: “I can not do it Satoshi. They listen more. I’m better as a myth. Back to my courses, my gueulantes and the fact that everyone ignores me. I hate that Dave, my nickname is more popular than I could have ever hoped. ” Another indicator, the two men found themselves owners of an equal amount from the first days of the launch of the virtual currency for $ 1.1 million each bitcoins through a fund called Tulip Trust.

Not until this information is confirmed or not to officially announce the identity of the person who created the bitcoin.

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