Google turns your Android device into a comic book reader

Google announced today a new update for Google Play Books on Android, which should facilitate the Reading comics on your smartphone – even if the screen is not large enough

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ASUS built its own affordable augmented reality device

Competition is generally a good thing for consumers. While some manage to make some sign exclusive contracts for most, if competing hardware standards is clearly great news for consumers willing

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ASUS wants to sell augmented reality glasses

It’s official. However, it is not known if the product will eventually use the Holographic Windows platform from Microsoft. See This : The new OnePlus X is a beautiful little brother

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A smartphone can also be used as electronic cigarette!

You are an “addict” on the phone and smoking more? The Vaporcade company has thought of you and offers a curious compromise between a smartphone and an electronic cigarette. See

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COP21 – Aerial photography by drone is mobilizing to show the effects of pollution

The platform Dronestagram photos by drone launches “Small UAVs, Big changes” in partnership with Nissan Electric, a contest of aerial photographs showing the effects of pollution on our environment. See


Apple Music finally arrives on Android

The streaming music service from Apple, Apple Music, is now available on the mobile operating system from Google, Android. In other words, this makes it one of the first Android

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Google Maps now works without an Internet connection

You remember when you needed to pay for a GPS if you wanted a voice navigation while driving? Most smartphones now come with navigation applications that run free. However, this


Here’s what Microsoft CEO has on his iPhone home screen

While Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, was in Paris earlier this week to discuss the funds released by the Redmond company on the monitoring of French startups, it comes from us

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YouTube adds support for virtual reality, google cardboard

YouTube announced today that it will bring virtual reality to your smartphone through the latest update of its mobile application. In addition to adding video virtual reality (VR), YouTube also


Tizen is now more popular than BlackBerry OS

Samsung’s mobile platform, Tizen, is starting to show real results, surpassing BlackBerry OS in the market for mobile operating systems, and becoming the fourth largest OS behind Windows Mobile, iOS

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