The BlackBerry smartphone Android is unveiled video

Here is what it looks like a BlackBerry smartphone running Android.

We know for some time that working on a BlackBerry smartphone running the Android operating system. Rumors suggest a device whose code name is “Venice.”

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And in addition, the YouTube channel of the Canadian dealer Baka Mobile has published a short video of the smartphone grip. There is shown the device, its curved screen on both sides (such as the Galaxy Edge + S6) and the slider.

Otherwise, the level of the operating system, one can notice that the BlackBerry seems to have made little customizations and therefore the overlay builder much like pure Android OS devices used by the Nexus and Motorola . But of course some improvements oriented productivity are still visible.

According to the sources Android Site Authority, this unit would have a Snapdragon SoC 808, which is also used by mobile as the LG G4. The memory is 3 GB and AFN rear 18 megapixels. Otherwise, there would be a 5.4 inch screen.

And if this video is that of a BlackBerry Venice, one can assume that it will not fail to differentiate itself from the competition with its physical keyboard that captures without reducing the space available on the screen because the touch keyboard. In addition, the video shows that, like the physical keyboard BlackBerry Passport, that of “Venice” is capacitive (susceptible to landslides) and therefore allows for interaction as the “pinch to zoom” or vertical or horizontal shifts to scroll the screen contents.

The bad news is that BlackBerry has not formalized this phone. However, in a statement, the CEO of the company had already raised the possibility for the manufacturer to get out of Android smartphones, provided that they are as secure as under the BlackBerry OS BlackBerry 10.

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