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Xiaomi officially working on its first laptop

Xiaomi has earned a name in China and some other markets around the world, offering excellent qualities smartphones and low cost, but also tablets, televisions and other products. Since the


BlackBerry Priv confirmed to be the company’s first Android smartphone

BlackBerry has confirmed that the next BlackBerry Priv will be an Android smartphone with a sliding keyboard. In presenting its quarterly earnings, BlackBerry describes the Priv as a flagship device


iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: a drop test video

As is often the case at the launch of the new iPhone, one of the first things people like to do is to drop it and see how it can

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The new Samsung Gear VR will be sold for 99 dollars

During the keynote Oculus Connect 2 last night, Peter Koo Samsung was on hand to announce a new device that the company plans to launch later in the year. Last

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Dell launches its latest range of Venue 8 Pro tablet and Venue 10 Pro

Dell has refreshed its range of tablets and PC 2 in 1 Venue Pro, bringing a host of new features, faster processors and new C-Type USB connectivity for portable PC

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You can plant Chrome with this simple code

There is a strange set of characters you can type in your Chrome browser to instantly see the crash. Rather funny is not it? The bug was reported a few

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Apple can finally to ban Samsung smartphones in the US

In the patent war that pits Apple and Samsung, the Apple brand has obtained a first victory. Some Samsung smartphones will no longer be sold in the United States in

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US researchers have never been so close to creating the invisibility cloak

Become invisible as the young wizard Harry Potter, walking incognito in the school Hogwarts, is a dream that could become reality, much sooner than we think! Indeed, the United States,


The BlackBerry smartphone Android is unveiled video

Here is what it looks like a BlackBerry smartphone running Android. We know for some time that working on a BlackBerry smartphone running the Android operating system. Rumors suggest a

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This smartphone case hides a removable joystick

These days, there are some pretty interesting games on mobile. Unfortunately, most are too imprecise touch controls that play being drunk. If you are a lover of games on smartphones,

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