WalkCar: The means of transport of tomorrow

Cocoa Motors Japanese company has unveiled a kind of electric skateboard sized tablet that will revolutionize our travels.

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After Hoverboard Lexus, another “skate” in the news. The latter does not Levite, but it will nevertheless interest a lot of people, since it could well become the future of transportation, instead of scooters and even bicycles. Its name: the WalkCar!

WalkCar: a skate the size of a tablet intended to move anywhere

Cocoa Motors has to share an unusual invention that has the merit of offering a new alternative for transportation, it is an electric skateboard the size of a small tablet that weighs 2-3 kilos. The WalkCar is very easily transportable anywhere. The company announced that it had skate a life of about 3 hours and it could reach a top speed of 10 km / h.

The WalkCar therefore all arguments to become the true ally of the townspeople, lightweight, portable, electric, autonomous and fun! Cocoa Motors announced that it would launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to start production.

Cocoa Motors also indicated for those who would hesitate to embark, thinking that this is a difficult machine to use, the WalkCar is very handy and really easy to learn, even for someone who has never done skate of his life. For stopping by example, simply put one foot on the ground. The WalkCar is capable of carrying up to 120 kilos of load. Only problem and it is daunting … especially for the portfolio, the rate of this innovative product is 800 dollars. A slightly higher cost to go as fast as on foot, but there is no doubt that the democratization of this technology will drop the price in the months or years ahead.

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