The tool that allows you to create Windows apps from iOS codes becomes open source

Microsoft wants to attract developers that they are interested advantage to its ecosystem.

When developing a mobile application, we naturally think first to Android and iOS to reach the most users.

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With few users, other operating systems like BlackBerry, Firefox OS or Windows Phone, are less important to developers.

And the trouble is that just as they have little applications (quality) in their store, these platforms are struggling to attract the crowds.

There a few months, this had even led the BlackBerry CEO to claim “neutrality mobile applications” , based on a rather absurd principle (in my opinion).

But Microsoft may have found the best way to attract more developers on its mobile platform  : universal apps. As you may already know, this is a type of application that can be run on all devices under Windows 10, such as PCs, phones and game consoles.

So a developer who launched a universal app for Windows 10 by targeting the PC also enrich the portfolio of apps available for mobile under the same OS.

And on top of that, as Eric told us in his article on the BUILD conference Microsoft, the Redmond company will also facilitate the “translation” of applications for Android or iOS to the Windows ecosystem.

Currently, as reported by our colleagues from TechCrunch , the tool that allows you to create Windows apps from codes for Android (Java) is already tested in private beta.

And one that allows use code to iOS (hence Objective-C) to develop apps for Windows is now an open source project.

Although the work is not finished yet, since we are far from immune to bugs and all the features are not yet at the rendezvous (eg, the compiler is not yet compatible with ARM) architecture, the preview already gives us a little taste of what Microsoft is preparing.

The stated aim of the firm is not to allow simple iOS apps ports on Windows, but rather to help developers create apps for good ecosystem as much as possible using the existing code (ie, code for iOS) and prior knowledge.

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