The first BlackBerry smartphone with Android will arrive in November 2015

The first BlackBerry smartphone using Google’s mobile platform, Android, could emerge as early as November. You fear that the BlackBerry signature without BlackBerry OS is not present? Do not worry. Indeed, it is reported that he will be one of the most popular features of BlackBerry: the physical keyboard.

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The smartphone known internally under the codename BlackBerry Venice, finds himself on the canvas for some time across multiple rumors and speculations. But this week, Evan Blass, akaevleaks, posted a series of details on the upcoming smartphone from the US firm.

The first information that Blass issue is the fact that Venice will be available in November among US mobile operators AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

He followed that message with a picture showing what looks like the smartphone, especially the QWERTY keyboard which comes to slide behind the screen.

The smartphone seems to have a large touch screen, a pure Android interface if one refers to the home screen, quick shortcut buttons (Back, Home, Multitask). While recent BlackBerry smartphones running OS firm can run some Android applications, Venice should be able to run most Android applications, and will be bundled with the Google Play Store and other Google applications such Chrome and Drive.

BlackBerry is not likely to abandon its own operating system anytime soon. But the company has worked to make its suite of applications for communication and security to Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and it is therefore not surprising to see the company jump on a successful OS.

If the BlackBerry Venice is a commercial success, do not be surprised to see more Android smartphones of the company in the future.

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