Speed ​​Test Performance Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 – which wins?

One thing that does not like when we upgrade the operating system is the reduction in performance or memory demands increase necessary. Though it usually does the operating system update to the next version requires increased hardware requirements because of course the new version brings more features and functions you also followed by an increase in hardware requirements needed. So that in general the new version of the operating system would normally run slower on the same hardware specs. However, if the version of the new operating system promises faster performance than the same hardware specs, certainly is encouraging and will encourage users to not hesitate to do the upgrade.

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Some users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 that has not been upgraded certainly want to make sure whether the option to upgrade to Windows 10 is the right decision so that they would search for information such as whether new features or performance offered by Windows 10.

This time we present a summary of the results of tests conducted by AVG, corporate security / security of computers and the Internet than the famous Czech with anti virus that does perbandingaan speed between Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 in some cases, such as boot time, the performance of the running Office applications , etc. which is useful for those who want to know the speed comparison between Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on the same hardware.

The device or hardware that is used is notebook Asus UX-501 which has a Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM with a graphics card GeForce GTX 960m and 128 GB SSD.

The following is a summary of the sixth aspect of speed tests conducted by AVG:

1. Time Startup / Boot PC:

From the test results, the winner is Windows 10 with 8% faster boot time

2. Time start Internet Explorer

Results: Increased speed start Internet Explorer significant time in which Windows 10 50% faster than Windows 8.1

3. Browse Web Performance, Writing in Office, and Video Chat

Test conducted with PCMark 8 that uses everyday usage scenario in general

The result of Windows 10 is the winner even if only 1% better than Windows 8.1

4. Performance Office 2013

The result: Windows 10 8% faster than Windows 8.1

5. Performance Grand Theft Auto V

The result: Balanced

6. The performance of Adobe Creative Suite

The result: Windows 10 has a 17% faster performance

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