Sony SmartBand 2: better features

Sony announced the SmartBand 2, the successor to the original SmartBand, which was launched at the beginning of 2014, which represented the first major push from Sony in handheld technology (wearable). The SmartBand 2 adds more functionality, compatibility of wider devices, and comes at a competitive price. But it has a downside.

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The design has not changed much, in the sense that it is still a simple silicone bracelet with a module (Core) which is clipped in him. But Sony decided to use a more solid metal button to interact with the bracelet. If SmartBand was a basic fitness tracker, the new SmartBand 2 comes with an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor, for a more complete picture of your activity level.

It always connects with Lifelog application, but the great news is that it is now compatible with Android 4.4 or later devices and iDevices running iOS 8.2 or later. To date, we do not know if this applies to existing Lifelog application, or if Sony has a new specific version to the new SmartBand 2. However, it is a wise decision, and it can avoid another setback for the bracelet .

Watch your stress!
After 2 SmartBand strapped to your wrist, it will monitor the number of steps that either walking or running. There is a mode set automatic sleep, and intelligent alarm wakes you with a slight vibration during a light sleep phase.

Sony also says the bracelet will “assess levels of excitement and stress” during the day, using the heart rate monitor. Nevertheless, such a feature can be detrimental to the autonomy of the device. In normal mode, the battery should last only two days, but with the detection characteristic of stress and heart rate, the bracelet will have a range of only 10 hours. There is an Endurance mode, just as some Xperia smartphones, which will extend the battery to five days before it requires recharging an hour.

Other features include a water resistant and dust proof (IP68), as well as support for basic notifications smartphones, and the ability to control the music using the controls on your wrist. Interestingly, Sony says the new Core has the same size as the old version, despite the addition of the heart rate sensor. That is, it will fit inside the bracelets you may already have.

The SmartBand 2 is sold 120 euros and will be available in shops from September.

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