Jide Mini Remix, Computer With Android OS Worth $ 700

The Android operating system is usually synonymous with smart devices such as smartphones or tablets. But what if the computer device using the Android system? That could happen by the

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Speed ​​Test Performance Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 – which wins?

One thing that does not like when we upgrade the operating system is the reduction in performance or memory demands increase necessary. Though it usually does the operating system update

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IPhone 6 equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell

A British company has managed to design a fuel cell of sufficient size in order to fit into an iPhone 6. See This : iPhone 6S: it is expected on 18

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Facebook is working on “M”, a virtual assistant for Messenger

Apple Siri, Google Now Google, Microsoft Cortana and soon, Facebook will “M”. This is the name of the virtual assistant on which the number of social networks work. See This

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Asus unveils Zenfone 2 Deluxe with 256 GB of storage

Some modern smartphones have a lot of built-in storage. While many entry-level phones have as few as 4 GB of storage space, most have more. Indeed, it is not uncommon

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Select a programming language: point

If you are new to programming, there is a bewildering array of possibilities. What is the best language to start is a question that will see many different answers. However,

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Sony SmartBand 2: better features

Sony announced the SmartBand 2, the successor to the original SmartBand, which was launched at the beginning of 2014, which represented the first major push from Sony in handheld technology


The first BlackBerry smartphone with Android will arrive in November 2015

The first BlackBerry smartphone using Google’s mobile platform, Android, could emerge as early as November. You fear that the BlackBerry signature without BlackBerry OS is not present? Do not worry.

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Mozilla may make the Firefox private browsing more private

Most modern web browsers include a kind of privately or incognito browsing, allowing you to surf the web without saving data on your device. In other words, this means that


Android Marshmallow, the name of Android 6.0

Android is a delicious Marshmallow new name for the next update of the mobile operating system from Google , such as the announced the company today. It replaces Android 5.0,