Snowball: the ideal application to prioritize your notifications

Notifications are handy, but you probably spend more time sweeping to remove that read them. That’s a problem, and Snowball is to correct this constraint. See it as Google for your Inbox notifications. Instead of being alerted to every little thing triggered by random applications you have installed, Snowball allows you to select notifications that really matter to you.

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Things like notifications of updates automatic Apps? They disappear. But have alerts about your favorite team or a new comment on a Facebook photo? They can pass the filter and alert you.

Through its use, Snowball will learn what you want and what you want to hide . Swipe left to hide a notification, or drag to the right to make it a priority. Gradually, Snowball will know you care. Rest assured, hidden notifications are not going to leave for good. You can still access it in a separate tab of the application if you want to see what happens to your device. They just will not permanently displayed.

A hub
The new application was developed by Squanda, and is now available in beta on the Google Play Store. Originally, Snowball was a unified messaging service that included popular applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Snapchat, and Google Hangouts, and put them in one place.

This framework is still in Snowball. You can reply to the messages of the applications mentioned above in the right pane of Snowball. This also works for YouTube videos and web links, which appear in Snowball. Further information is set to be added in the future in order to make Snowball a hub of all popular applications.

The new version of Snowball is available for download for Android devices from this link.

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