Six new Lumia smartphones planned for the fall

Given the drastic job cuts we saw last week at Microsoft, you might think that the company is preparing to cut some of its projects, especially his material activity telephony to focus on office equipment.

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However, the CEO of the Redmond, Satya Nadella, promised that the firm is “ready to launch new products, including smartphones” . And it seems that the company will keep that promise in a not too distant future.

According to the famous leakeurevleaks (aka Evan Blass), at least six new smartphones in the pipes of the firm . Thus, all those of you who are keen to get their hands on Windows Mobile 10 will be capacity to do so with a fairly wide range of devices in the future. The good news is that Windows Phone fans should expect a range of Lumia smartphones this fall.

The return of Lumias
So that these devices are going to be? Four Lumia smartphones were revealed last month with their code names: Guilin, Honjo, Sanna and Saimaa. However, apart from their names, we know nothing about them.

We’ve heard a lot about the Lumia 940XL, a flagship smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 810 chip that is found in many Android smartphones and has been repeatedly singled out because of a problem overheating. It also would find it a Quad HD screen 5.7 inch and also some other enticing features.
There are also rumors of a smaller mid-range device, the Lumia 940, with internal components slightly less powerful, and should be sold at a slightly lower price.

As for launch dates, we know that some units arrive this year, although we do not know exactly when. Microsoft has not confirmed how long we have to wait for Windows Mobile 10 after the desktop version of the OS happens at the end of the month.

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