Microsoft finally unveils Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft introduced Office 2016 for Mac , five years after the last famous Office suite has been deployed on Mac. Since then, much has changed in the technology sector and this could explain why Mac users, not those of Windows obtain the latest version before everyone.

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In a briefing, a spokesman for Microsoft said it was important for the company to release the first version of Office 2016 for OS X users, since they still account for the company as it ‘ clearly demonstrated by launching versions of Office Mobile for iOS (and Android) first.

Today’s announcement brings all the key features expected of Office for Mac users with new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook adjusted for Mac devices , in order to make use optimal multi-touch and the Retina display. This marks the first released version of the software on OS X to use the Ribbon user interface, which has been the norm in the variant of Windows since 2010.

The best version of Office for Mac
Over 100 000 feedbacks were submitted by the thousands of users who have registered to Office for Mac Preview, providing feedback for four months, and seven updates. Microsoft said it will provide updated and new features updates for abandoned Office 365 – including for users of Office for Mac – at least once a quarter.

Note that Office 2016 for Mac is currently only available to users of Office 365. Depending on the version they have, they will be able to download Office 2016 for Mac by going to their account and selecting the appropriate options. Those who want to buy the unit will have to wait until September 2015, be it online or in trade.

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