iPhone 6S: a dubbed LTE connectivity

We endlessly talk about the successor to the iPhone 6, known today as the iPhone 6S. While yesterday we learned that it was going to be similar to its predecessor, and that after the metal chassis of the 6S likely ended up on the canvas, today we have more information about one of its main components: the modem.

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While rumors suggest that the iPhone 6S will not be much different on the outside, Apple seems ready to design a smartphone that is faster, more efficiently and manages the battery.

The iPhone 6S is said to include a modem produced by Qualcomm, the MDM9635M, which could double the speed of data connectivity , according to 9to5Mac . It could push the current LTE download speeds of 150 Mb / s, with a new 300 Mb / s threshold. In other words, this is probably faster than the maximum download speed of your router at home.

Of course, as pointed out rightly 9to5Mac, speeds are likely to be much lower in the life of every day, due to unfortunate limitations of cellular networks.

Improving on autonomy
In addition to connectivity, there is also good news for all those who have suffered from poor self on the iPhone or the iPhone 6 6 Plus. Qualcomm LTE chip should be more energy efficient , leaving your network home Wi-fi not be as power hungry.

Better yet, the alleged motherboard iPhone 6S is also known to be smaller, which would allow Apple to have additional space to accommodate a larger battery in the new smartphone. The iPhone 6 of 4.7 inches has a battery with a capacity of 1810 mAh, while the iPhone 6 Over 5.5 inches has a battery with a capacity of 2915 mAh.

In September, Apple could then compete with the flagship Android, which have batteries in the vicinity of 3000 mAh.

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