Gmail: artificial intelligence to spam filters

With machines that seek to become as intelligent as human, although you would like them to be able to filter your spam. Google thinks they can. Indeed, this week, the search giant announced an update to Gmail that allows to apply artificial intelligence to the spam filter service.

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The emails to filter Google already makes a damn good job of sorting for unwanted messages. As stated by Sri Harsha Somanchi Google manages to keep the filter spam inbox levels less than 0.1%, and 0.05% that is wrong. But in the pursuit of perfection, the company will now supercharge its detection algorithms.

The new system uses an “artificial neural network” to analyze and mark messages “especially” sneaky – messages written specifically for the simplest pass filters. In addition, through “machine learning signals,” the system can identify phishing scams – kinds of emails that mimic banks and online merchants in order to capture your your card numbers credit or your social security – identifying the real source of the messages.

Nevertheless, these improvements do not mean that all e-mails received will be in that side of box, but it could be more effective than it is now. Somanchi states that the system is advanced enough to learn the messages you’re likely to put in the trash, and the ones you want at all costs to keep in your inbox. Remains to be seen how the system will work in practice.

Needless to say, the artificial intelligence is forged with our online experience . But I must admit that even if Google analyzes our actions within its services, and to improve our user experience, then it’s a blessing in disguise. And as said, Marc Levy: ” Remember you need to give to receive. “

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