Mobile Windows 10 may not be deployed until November

And it will be proposed on ten Lumia to begin. Windows 10 is available for a few days now and he seems to have found its audience. Proof of this


Install your Android everywhere with ARC Welder Chrome

Now that Google allows the porting of Android apps for all developers on the Chrome Web Store, the company needs to provide developers a way to test their applications. It

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Google Maps can help you avoid a queue at Starbucks in the morning

Not sure you have enough time to stop and have a coffee at Starbucks before going to work? Do not worry, Google Maps has the answer. A new update to

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Snowball: the ideal application to prioritize your notifications

Notifications are handy, but you probably spend more time sweeping to remove that read them. That’s a problem, and Snowball is to correct this constraint. See it as Google for


Windows 10: 14 million updates in one day

During the first day of its release, Windows 10 Microsoft has become one of the most used desktop operating systems in the world. Although still far behind its predecessors in

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Lexus Launching the Hoverboard on 5th August…

Lexus will unveil its Hoverboard on 05 August. This is amateur skate and back to the future will be delighted! See This : One of connected balloons Google remained 134 days


Windows 10 Mobile is almost ready for your Lumia

Lately, we have heard that Windows 10 Mobile would not happen on our smartphones and small tablets before November. But today we learned that the new mobile operating system from

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Microsoft already provides a solid fix for Windows 10

Windows 10 may be a few hours old, but Microsoft has already put his hand into the dough. Suffice to say that the celebration was short-lived for all engineers and


Angry Birds 2 arrives on Android and iOS

After the launch of the first installment of Angry Birds, there are now six, downloaded nearly 3 million times across various platforms, its manufacturer, Rovio Entertainment, has finally unveiled Angry


Apple has converted many Android Users…

For the second consecutive quarter, Apple CEO evokes a record rate of “switchers”. See This : Apple complained against for using the word iWatch Samsung may still dominates the smartphone market