Google Chrome will automatically pause Flash content that are useless

Google Chrome will block Flash content, except those that are important.

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If you are a loyal customer of Google Chrome, you’ll be more. The Mountain View company has just announced a rather interesting feature, available on the beta, which will be introduced in future releases. The browser will automatically stop the Flash content auto-play when they are not “core” ( important to understand) for the web page .

As explained by Google, this feature will save resources and therefore of the battery on a laptop, which is a good thing.

The user will still be able to activate the content with a single click if it needs it. We also note that this feature is a collaboration between Google and Adobe.

But for my part, I also hope that the latter will significantly reduce the number of videos (with sound) that launch automatically on certain websites and have no relation to the article I’m reading (in the meantime, here’s another tip ). Otherwise, here is an extension to ensure that the browser uses less RAM.

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