BlackBerry smartphone plans that could save your life

Due to insurmountable competition in the smartphone market, BlackBerry could turn its attention elsewhere, and explore new ideas. Such an idea would be to design a BlackBerry smartphone bacteria-free , the company CEO, John Chen, himself spoke last week at a hospital near Toronto.

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He told reporters that “health actors should be worried about having one more thing to clean” with an own smartphone, reports Business News Network.

He continued by stating that BlackBerry is not yet at the point on the smartphone, but if he talks about it, is that there is a high probability that it can reach the market. This is certainly a device that could be extremely beneficial in hospitals because it would help prevent the spread of bacteria between patients in hospitals.

Clean water
Already, the hospital staff is supposed to wipe their smartphones with alcohol before entering and leaving the room of a patient, according to Dr. Gladman Aviv, head of medical information at Mackenzie Health. But sometimes they do not and, in any case, wipe efficiency devices eliminating the bacteria is not necessarily obvious.

Gladman went on to mention that nosocomial infections are a leading cause of death in hospitals. Thus, a bacteria-free smartphone could literally save lives.

It is not known how BlackBerry create such a device, but the company is already working with the medical industry , since evoking the smartphone, Chen also unveiled a new mobile messaging and alert system for the hospital staff.

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