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Google is working on a bracelet can capture vital signs

Google revealed to be in the process of developing a new connected device , our famous wearables , even if it will not be for consumers. If the “wearables” and

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OnePlus 2: an extremely reactive fingerprint sensor

OnePlus is an interesting company. Instead unveil a new smartphone and announce all the key features of the device into one event, she slowly distributed moult juicy details in the


Lumia 940: Microsoft could launch this fall with Windows 10

Microsoft has not really release on the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, but it is reported that the new operating system will debut on a high-end smartphone. While previous rumors


Apple Watch: Will be able to give a boost to battery

A company that is responsible for creating one of the first bracelets for recharging the battery of the Apple Watch found that a hidden port can be used to charge


BlackBerry smartphone plans that could save your life

Due to insurmountable competition in the smartphone market, BlackBerry could turn its attention elsewhere, and explore new ideas. Such an idea would be to design a BlackBerry smartphone bacteria-free ,

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Moto G (2015): the press reports revealed

Recently, some images of the next Moto G (2015) have appeared on the web, hinting at an imminent launch in the coming weeks. Now the folks at TechnoBuffalo published what


iPhone 7: will be able to track your friends and family more easily?

Apple released two patents related to iOS, which could provide users the ability to send real-time tracking of notifications, and track users within a building. See also : OK Google:


OK Google: disconnected voice commands arrive on Android?

Want to check the weather, know how old a player, or make a phone call without touching your smartphone? Most of the latest Android devices can provide support to voice

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OnePlus 2: sketches and details of screen size

If we now know that OnePlus 2 will be unveiled on July 27, we do not really know what to expect when it arrives. Fortunately, there are few people willing


iPhone 6S: available for purchase on September 23?

Here is good news for Apple fans. If the rumors are true, the future iPhone 6S will be available in stores on September 25 of this year , according MobileNews