Want to Know How to Display Windows 10 Tablet Device in Small Sail?

Microsoft Build 2015 event to be the moment for Microsoft to introduce more features that are owned by Windows 10. Officials Microsoft, Joe Belfiore also showed how Microsoft’s latest operating system is used in a small-sized tablet, is less than 10 inches.

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In the demonstration, Belfiore also shows how the performance of Windows 10 that can provide a special experience for users of small-sized tablet. The transition from one application to another can be done easily. Especially when used to navigate using a map application.

Other advantages in Windows 10 on a small tablet device is its flexibility of use. Belfiore said that Windows 10 OS on a tablet is like an OS on a regular desktop PC device. Windows 10 OS on tablets can be used to run Win32 applications.

By the time Windows tablet 10 is placed on the dock, then the mobile device will be able to be used should a desktop PC. Interestingly, the display on the monitor will automatically turn like on a desktop computer without the computer user intervention.

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