Qualcomm insists that theSnapdragon 810, It has no overheating problems

Long before the outputs of high-end smartphones this year, rumors circulated on the canvas that the system-on-chip 810 Snapdragon Qualcomm, we were waiting on most of these high-end, would have an overheating problem . These had even mentioned a delay outputs of smartphones this year because of what may concern.

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And indeed, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, they were not equipped with the latest SoC Quacomm but a 7420 Exynos homemade.

Same for LG, which instead of choosing the Snapdragon 810, preferred the Snapdragon 808. In addition, tests of HTC One M9, which uses 810, revealed overheating problems.

But for its part, Qualcomm defends its product and says these rumors are unfounded, as its processor does not have this problem on commercial products, although it is true that the company has certainly lost a big market for SoC losing customers like Samsung on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Tim McDonough, vice president of marketing at Qualcomm, said the tests that were done on the HTC One M9 and highlighted the technical problem has been made ​​on a version of pre-launch . “We all build products pre-launch to find bugs and optimize performance. When pre-launch material does not act as a commercial product, that’s just part of the development process ” , he explained to our fellow Forbes.

As for the choice of LG which used the Snapdragon 808 and not the 810 on the LG G4, Tim McDonough has strengthened the argument that this choice was made 18 months before the presentation of the mobile. The 808 was more suited to other features of the mobile

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