Mobile Phones: An End to White Areas in 2017 ?

When things do not advance alone, the government has a duty to get involved, Emmanuel Macron Minister of Economy has oblige operators to make disappear the white areas.

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An agreement was therefore signed between the four operators and the government so that everyone agrees to do away with telephone white areas by June 2017. These are towns that still do not have access to 3G and which still represent over 2,000 communes in France.

Operators will be required to cover 100% of the territory in 3G by June 2017

The government has set the deadline and signed an agreement with all operators so that they provide 3G to the entire population. The Minister of Economy considers abnormal in 2014, more than 2,000 French municipalities still can not access the mobile Internet. An unacceptable gap with the rest of the country. The agreement comes as part of the Macron law recently passed by the Senate.

Emmanuel Macron explained: ”  We want everyone to call with a mobile wherever it resides. We set a course, that of investment in networks and the deployment of next-generation infrastructure. We have established a method, inviting the sector to quickly propose a collective commitment. With the signing of this agreement, a significant milestone that will enable to translate into action the goals set in March by the Prime Minister “.

The entire territory will have to be connected by June 2017, on pain of financial penalties for SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Free. This phenomenon is recurring consistently since the government had to intervene by requiring operators to share these white areas, so that at least one of them can provide a service to customers in the geographical area concerned. In 2003 it was about 2G, 3G in 2009 … but this time, the government goes further, he wants the customers of those white areas can use the service to any operator, like any French.

Up to 4000 communes have no (or almost no) access to mobile internet

The white areas represent about 2,000 communes, but by refining the criteria defining the white areas, we see that almost 4,000 municipalities have a very poor coverage and 150 do not even have anything! The government wants to re-establish an equal point because mobile Internet has become part of everyday life and do not have this possibility, can cause serious handicaps to individuals where companies such.

Arcep, the telecoms regulator to serve as a military arm, will ensure that operators meet their commitments and will not hesitate to drop sanctions if necessary, in case of breach.

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