Microsoft Visual Studio Code facilitates development

At its BUILD conference in 2015, held yesterday, Microsoft announced a new way for developers to easily work with their code on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Visual Studio Code is a new free tool that will allow facilitate the development , and in a more intelligent and effective on any platform, through deep integration with existing Microsoft development tools.

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Although it is possible to read and work on source code on nothing more than a simple text editor, many developers like to use other free and paid applications to make the process a little easier and more manageable. Visual Studio is a rich code editor that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X , allowing developers to easily work on modern Web applications built with JavaScript, typescript, ASP.NET, 5, and other modern computer languages. Visual Studio Code also facilitates the development process through improved Intellisense code management while improving debugging, as well as integration in deposits such as Git.

Microsoft’s intention is to facilitate the lives of developers to create such applications without plunging them into complete Microsoft software experience, such as Visual Studio suite, which remains an exclusive portion of Windows. Visual Studio Code will also help developers integrate existing Microsoft development solutions to the cloud, powered by Azure or Visual Studio Online.

Best of all, is that the software is free and will remain free for all developers , regardless of the system they use. Indeed, you will be able to use it on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

If you are interested in trying the new code editor, click here to download a copy.

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