IO 2015: Google Maps is now available offline

Google Maps for Android can already download maps for later viewing, even if you do not have an Internet connection. But to date, the offline cards offer limited functionality.

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As announced by the search giant at the Google I / O 2015, in the course of the year, Google plans to roll out an update of Maps and make the functional department even while offline . It will enable you to download a map for an area, and then search for places and even get voice navigation without needing an Internet connection.

You notice the airplane mode icon in the image below? Yes. This is a smartphone in airplane mode showing the route while the latter is not connected to the Internet.

Google positioning functionality as something that will be useful in developing countries where access to the Internet may be uneven. But, needless to say that in France we still have areas where connectivity is not optimal, and that this feature could serve me.

In addition to search and directions, the new version of offline Google Maps will provide support to the self-suggestion results when you start typing a search term, and will provide details of the places you looking, including phone numbers and comments.

In the same vein, Google also unveiled have worked on an off-line mode pages in the Chrome browser. Google also announced “YouTube offline”. This allows a user to record YouTube videos searchable for 48 hours. This service will arrive in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam markets where efficient connectivity is difficult to have.

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