Google Play Store: pre-register for your favorite Android apps

Here’s nothing worse than hearing a new Android application, go to the Google Play Store and discover that it is not even ready yet. It works as a pre-order system for applications, but you do not have to buy it.

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It may be hard to remember when it will be launched, so that Google just introduced a pre-registration functionality in the Play Store . This means that you’ll be alerted when the application is available for download on the Google apps store.

Later, if you decide not to receive notifications you can unsubscribe. Indeed, there is no obligation to buy anything.

At present, it is unclear what applications use this pre-registration functionality . The first application to be discovered using this one is the perfect example of how it will work better. The new game named Genisys Terminator: Revolution is the first to have the functionality.
Apparently, the game will “soon” available on the store, and the release date is likely to coincide with the release of the film. This is the time when most people will pay attention, so for developers, spread the word at the beginning of the release will be imperative.

By visiting the page of the application, you will see a button “pre-register” where you expect to see a download button. Click it, and the Play Store will send you a notification on your smartphone after the game will be released . Therefore, the button is replaced by an unsubscribe button if you change your mind.

The presentation of this feature means that developers no longer have to wait for it to be available for them. Nevertheless, it could help small studios to promote applications that are well designed and offering unique features. The interest that users will bear him is still difficult to determine, since there is no commitment on the part of users.

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