Discovering Digiposte Pass: Application that Simplifies your Administrative Tasks

Post launches Digiposte Pass, a mobile app the iPhone and Android that sorts and classifies documents to facilitate your administrative procedures.

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Have you ever made ​​a rental file in a search of apartment? I personally keep the memory of a Kafkaesque experience where you never have all the required documents. And as long as your search lasts longer than a month, you are obliged to update this file with a new payslip. Add in a folder that is very unwieldy to share and you end up with agencies that report never having received it. 

In short, the prospect of an administrative procedure is never good news on the horizon, even if there is only one passport renewal or registration on electoral lists. 
These are French and 63% who believe that administrative tasks take too long (Study Opinion Way / La Poste). And this feeling is growing among the younger generations with 79% for those aged 18-24. 
La Poste now offers a mobile solution to simplify your life: Digiposte Pass .

Digiposte Pass, step by step

Once the application iPhone or Android loaded on your phone, Digiposte Pass offers immediately to create an account (or log). The application first asks the classic trio (name, surname, email address) before you secure your data with a secret six-digit code (instead of numbers automatically change the keypad for added security). At this stage, you can also enable TouchID if you use the iOS version.

The application is organized into 5 tabs: Profile, Documents, Thread, approaches and sharing.

The first, the  Profile allows you to find all the information and documents about you and helps you to complete your profile. Indeed, a space called “My reference documents” enables you to find your ID, ​​proof of address and other documents relating to taxes, housing, transportation, health, etc.

Where it becomes interesting is when you enter the “My organizations and e-merchants” to ask automatically receive your documents. To do this, you need to enter once and for all identifiers of your internet service provider, telephone, pole-employment, URSSAF, your water providers, electricity, gas as well as your e-tailers preferred. In the end, over 200 services that you will be able to connect to your account Digiposte Pass to retrieve your documents automatically in the digital safe.

The information and password are not stored in the application (to protect you in case of theft), but in a secure Cloud La Poste, France.

From there, you receive notifications to the receipt of an invoice and you can set a reminder on the date you wish to pay. But it will also allow you to easily keep track of your shopping bills for presentation to the after-sales service in case of problems.

In the tab  Documents , you find all documents kept by the application and the ability to rank them in folders or use a search tool.

The  wire  has a timeline view of your actions and notifications to list the arrival of your documents, give you information on the shares that you have initiated, and to give you the day and time when the recipient has recovered . Indeed, before turning to the steps, jump directly to the last tab called  Sharing  that lets you easily send a link to the recipient, while adding an expiry date to the link for security reasons. 
One of the tabs the most interesting is perhaps the one that will present a list of  Steps  ordinary as the renewal of an identity card, passport, health card, registration on the electoral lists, etc. 
An example of a proxy for a registered letter or parcel. This approach requires two documents: an identity document and proof of address. You can download documents directly. But if you have already added the IDs of your usual organisms (eg EDF) during a previous step, the application will recognize your last proof of address. It will automatically retrieve your last bill to be made ​​in that location. 
As the example of the rental record I could make at the beginning. If you have automated retrieval of your payslips, Digiposte Pass will be able to update your rental record still attaching your last three pay slips.

Download Digiposte Pass

This new application developed by La Poste is now available on iPhone and Android . The application is free and offers 5GB of data space (more than enough to store several years of invoices and administrative documents). It is also possible to pay 12 € per year to unlock a space 20GB if you need more space.

For questions or a reaction to this new offer, the teams of La Poste (including Jesila, social media project manager) are at your disposal. This is an early version of a service aspiring to evolve in the months and years to come and which, again, will need maximum returns to offer the most useful service.

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